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Radical Honesty – Weekend workshop in Bulgaria

Radical Honesty , Weekend workshop in Bulgaria
27 – 29 September 2019
Ravnogor, Bulgaria
To book your place, contact or call +359 88 865 3280..
Early Bird 300 Euros (until June 15th), 350 Euros regular.
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Workshop led by Certified Trainer, Marvin Schulz

Regain your childlike aliveness & creativity by telling the truth.

Radical Honesty is a revolutionary and compassionate communication method, cutting right through obsessive thinking to get grounded in the present moment. We believe that most human suffering is based on some form of lying – withholding, manipulating, or the direct telling of lies (including so-called “little white lies”). We also believe that withholding feelings is one of the fastest ways to make yourself sick and create dis-ease in the body.

By lying, we trap ourselves in our own thoughts and live half-depressed, half-sleepwalking lives, wondering what happened to our childhood aliveness. We postpone happiness. We keep ourselves small and live the same old day – over and over again. We wonder why we feel alienated from our friends, family, and loves ones and feel isolated from the world.

Radical Honesty is the antidote to playing it small!

… yet it has nothing to do with brutal honesty or extreme honesty – Radical Honesty is a vulnerable sharing of what goes on for you in the present moment.

Would you like to free yourself from the jail of your mind and learn new, honest and compassionate, ways of being and relating? Would you like to learn how to tell complete truth and support others in doing so? Would you like more deep connections and intimacy in your relationships? Would you like to live in an honest community?

If you are looking to lead a more joyous and creative life with new friends who you can trust to tell you the truth and support you, join us in Bulgaria.

Radical Honesty Trainer Marvin Schulz invites you to spend a transformational weekend in the beautiful mountain village Ravnagor (if needed, ask us for a shuttle from Sofia, which is a 2-hours drive away).


Workshop: Early Bird 300 Euros (until June 15th), 350 Euros regular

Accommodation: 15 Euro per person/night in a double room with breakfast included

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– deep relaxation in your body

– learn to be completely honest & support others in telling the truth

– free yourself in your intimate relationships

– overcome fear, shame & guilt

– go beyond blame & solve conflicts creatively

– experience whole-body forgiveness

– relieve stress caused by constant worrying and thinking

– break free in arts and business

– dare to ask for what you want & receive unconditionally

– complete the past, live fully in the present & create the future you want


– we will direct your attention so you can take charge of your experience, relax into your body and speak from your heart

– we will guide you with clear direct specific language that supports you to stay grounded in your experience and relate to others honestly, with compassion and complete forgiveness

– we will encourage you to open up completely and share wholeheartedly with the support of your community

– we will conduct paired and group exercises so you can experience it all by yourself and share it with your peers at home

You will leave the workshop with a new set of relating skills that you can apply on your own–with real people in your life–to get out of your mind, in touch with reality, and experience ongoing personal evolution.

After the workshop, you will receive continuous support from the trainers via email. Also, you will get access to the network of Radical Honesty graduates: a fantastic resource for co-hearted living amongst friends.


Marvin Schulz, Certified Radical Honesty Trainer

Marvin Schulz has worked for multiple billion dollar corporations around the world and audited investment banks in New York City. His life was a thick web of lies, withholdings, and secret agendas – he was a top-notch, expert liar!

His path towards a more honest life began in South Africa, when Marvin worked in Port Elizabeth and read Radical Honesty for the first time. After 6 years of hard personal work, Marvin now teaches Radical Honesty Workshops around the world. He gained his certification from Brad Blanton after living at his place in Virginia for one season and visiting numerous workshops. Marvin now produces music, writes books, and travels the world to teach workshops, protect the rainforest, and expand global consciousness.

“I think most human suffering and depression is caused by a lack of close connection to fellow human beings. Once we start opening up to the world around us–tell our story, express ourselves directly, and share our thoughts and feelings–we can create a future of our own design. I want to help you acquire the necessary tools for sharing yourself honestly with the world, get over past hurt and upset, and learn to stay in the present moment while working towards a happy future.”

More information about Marvin, visit his Facebook Page.

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To book your place, contact or call +359 88 865 3280.
Register now!

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