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The struggle of the hero

This article is inspired by the work of Joseph Campbell. Mostly, it is his conceptualization, I just re-framed it a bit so it fits my personal style.

Many times in life we might find ourselves stuck, blocked, locked, unable to do or get what we want. What happens is that our attention locks on a fake struggle and all of sudden a whole new Universe of conspiracy is born. In that Universe we are a random sum of disharmonious parts which work against each other. We become victims of the circumstances and of ourselves.

‘I want to find a new job, but I always can’t.’ ‘I want to change, but when I try, I just can’t.’
Who is the one that ‘wants’ and who is the one that ‘can’t’? Isn’t it a nasty game? Pretending that the real self is the one wanting, and the self that ‘can’t’ is stronger. What a choice of game to play, isn’t it!

How can we distinguish that vicious circle and make new choices and enjoy new results?
First is acknowledgement to what is. If the game is on, acknowledge it without judgement and admit that you are already enough and complete. No matter how new and strange it might sound. Just say it to yourself and notice the changes that might appear in your physiology. Because your real intention is visible in what you actually do. Your deeds are the mirror in which your deep motivations and aspirations can be seen. That in nothing new and it is know also in the religious systems.

So, you already have what you want on a deeper level. Your energy is invested in sustaining your life the way it is. And any stories, reasons and excuses are only supporting the fake struggle to change. But isn’t is arrogant to change something that you wanted in that initial way? Isn’t it unintelligent to fight against yourself? Because, I wonder, who is going to lose?

If you really want to change, there’s only one way yo do that – stop trying to change.
Stop the myth of the struggle which is only nurturing the status quo of dissatisfaction. Rather, ask yourself how the circumstances that I claim I want to change are serving my interest?
What is the benefit or the pay-off in that?
And just accept whatever thoughts or feelings appear. And continue practicing being OK with what is.

Anyway you are a hero in your life that counts. And your journey is a pathway of challenges, ups and downs, supporters, demons and trials. Why don’t you just choose to simply be a humble script-writer and a director of a story that you don’t know. But you can always explore and be surprised of the sudden powerful insights and enjoy the richness of moods and emotions you are capable of as a human being.